What Is Concrete Made Of?

When you are thinking about building your custom home or adding a structure to your existing one, you will need to select a proper material. A decision like this is of the utmost importance as it will determine its stability and longevity. The majority of the homeowners and business owners opt for concrete. But what is this material made of and what makes it so tough and commonly used?

A few people know that the main components of this material are Portland cement, aggregate, and water. The formed mixture is used for numerous projects, like floors, countertops, foundations, walls, etc. When mixing these ingredients, a chemical reaction called hydration conducts leading to induration and the following strengthening. And this is what make it such a remarkable option for so many applications. It’s plastic when newly prepared and hard and stable when hardened. I guess, these qualities makes it the perfect alternative for skyscrapers, bridges, industrial buildings, and many residential projects as well.

Needless to say, the secret to achieving a strong, durable, and long-lasting structure is preparing the substance in the right proportion. A professional concrete company with extensive experience will know what amounts of cement, coarse, and water to add depending on the type of the job and the amount of material needed. If it becomes a little wetter or dry, you will definitely be disappointed with the end results and stability of your home or structure. A mixture that has excess water will be difficult to pour and create a hard and smooth surface. A mixture of excess cement will be easier to apply but it will most probably start to crack soon after application.

The truth is that Portland cement adds life to concrete applications. However, its exact amount has to be determined only by a specialist. The aggregates (usually crushed stone or sand) act as a binder between the material and the surface. What other ingredients do experts sometimes add? Such substances are reinforcement materials, sulfates, alkalis, and solids only to add to its strength and sturdiness.

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